Running Duck Studio

This is an art website, with multiple galleries displaying art for purchase and viewing pleasure

It’s a romance with the things you love and the feelings that they evoke, brought to life in unique one-of-a-kind artworks by the Running Duck Studios artist.

Most with a hint of cartoon from the years spent drawing for Walt Disney

Crazy. Funny. Beautiful.

For that light-hearted place in your soul just when you need it

Love love LOVE! You have nailed it! My Girls and Me is spot on! I burst into tears when I first saw it – it’s so amazing. Starstruck 2 is perfect.

Art Books

20 artworks for Only $19.99

Black and white animal drawings of owl painting

Hi Danielle, I recently purchased one of your pieces from Rendezvous, "Secret Rendezvous" for a Christmas gift. (Reluctantly I might add, wanted to keep it for myself) Just wondering how I go about requesting commission pieces, in this particular size? Many thanks in advance. Clare

Whimsical ink works capturing those special moments in life, like a little boy on a swing stealing his first kiss, and animal drawings expressing the connections and love between them and humans.

Home of animal drawings ThroughInocentEyes1000

An art studio with animal drawings for entertainment, expression and to stimulate the imagination.

Throughout this website, you will find a collection of black and white animal drawings and sketches from wildlife, pets and farm life.