Why your artwork/what do I like about it?

I am not someone who appreciates art to a great extent, rather “I like what I like” and I don’t have a specific favourite genre. That was until I saw your work which in my mind was telling me a story about my childhood and my living/working in a rural environment.

I have mostly resided and worked in country areas (50 plus years) and have a strong affinity with the rural sector. Since retiring (just over four years ago) I still have that strong connection to the “bush” and your work is like a story (an imaginary conversation) pinpointing past memories of my childhood, the good parts of family life (especially my sisters), friends and pets (especially my dogs).

Whilst your artwork is in black and white it still creates “vivid colourful” memories of my past. Each time I view your works there is something different to contemplate.

Anyhow, just my thoughts.

Regards,  Max K

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