Artist at home: Lockdown DAY 3 – Powerful Motivation.

Day THREE: art process demonstrated, old school fun, and a little bit of crazy.

Woke to the sunrise and a house in silence. These days I don’t know how anyone could trade the morning for a late night…fresh air, morning mist, sparkling light on the dew drops dancing in the morning sun. Mind you, in normal times you wouldn’t get to experience this every day, you would be rushing to work, so I guess we found another perk for lock-down life. This is my ideas and planning location. Anyone know what “Doe” means?

Todays Lockdown life art idea came from one of our Dayboro Art Gallery members, thanks Wendy 😊 Entertaining our selves old school with wheelbarrow races in the back yard, who use to do this when they were young?

Played with a few variations but decided on a male pushing so I could get the impression of some crazy speed going. First I sketch out in pencil to sort out the composition. Once I get a feel for the characters, I go freehand in ink with no pencil to allow for some lovely unforced moments. This helps the works be not so tight and overworked, giving them a kind of life of their own. 

Floated on the top of the world after lunch. Well, could have been the light-headedness after the climb we did up the mountain behind my estate. Bit of exercise and fresh air.

I don’t know, I’m starting to feel such a sense of freedom. To be my self, go a little crazy, and not give a damn about it because there is no one to judge, no one to impress ….. Started answering the crows….maybe got a little too much oxygen up the mountain haha clear the head and creat focus, the result: motivation!

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