Artist at Home: Lockdown DAY 5 – Extended Hours

DAY FIVE: Goblin attacks, Art industry insights and the work space.

Getting harder and harder to drag the Boy out of bed for home school, so have resorted to a water pistol. At least I am getting some morning lockdown entertainment. Now on the flip side….actually forgot to let the feathered friends out on time….someone’s not happy! Hahahaha. 

The next video is a look at my extended arts business HELP4BIS and a snapthot of just a couple of the websites I have created and manage. You see to survive as an artist, you need to diversify and multitask to succeed. One month I may sell X dollars worth of art and the next only x….and at the moments with lockdown its even scarier. So diversifying the income helps keep me out of the starving artist category. I was fortunate that I got a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic design at the beginning of my art career. Other artists may turn to teach art or working externally in the arts industry. Did you know that the average artists wage in Australia is only $19000. a year! in America the average is $75000.

My digital workspace during lockdown: (note I did some tidying, but not sure you will notice) Scored one of the original signs for the Dayboro Area(the town was originally called Terrors creek). What is it about sticky notes not wanting to stick! Say after me! I am not ashamed of my organized chaos!

Todays COVID Life art is called “Wine O’Clock”, and I think you all know what that means by now 😊

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