Artist at Home: Lockdown DAY 6 – The Inspiring Walt Disney

DAY SIX : Homeschooling 101, how to get where you need to go.

Get them out of bed….Tick…Kind of. The first lesson is ISL (work on whatever is needed…or something) and as he seems to not even have enough work to fill a normal class time slot(is anyone else finding this or is someone being taken advantage of???)  I said he could read….location, location hahaha

reading in the Hammock

Steeling from Walt Disney:

Today I thought I would take you on a journey, and seeing as we cant literally go anywhere I thought we would go back in time. The road in any career is never a straight one, especially in my case. The story behind Running Duck Studio shows us some home truths about decision making, and starts as with most artists, as soon as I was old enough to hold a pencil and brush.

As a young girl, all my passions in life revolved around art, drawing and painting every chance I got. So there was no question that whatever career path I took it would be in the arts. I am sure you all remember visiting the school Career adviser at some point in time during your school years. For a young artist endeavouring to map out a future career that pays enough to live on, was quite a challenge. There was literally only 2 option at the time, Graphic design or Inbetweener. Yes, that was my response too, what in the world is an Inbetweener! It would mean hours on end drawing silly little cartoons. Being a young, slightly dark arty as the trend in the arts till footing is found, that was not going to happen.

So a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design it was. By the end of a fun three years at the Charles Sturt University, I could not only manage to cut a mountboard without drawing blood but was introduced to the wonder of the darkroom…. and how to drink way too much and still stand. So what now..…head to the big city for work of course. Not as easy as it sounds, after a few years doing odd jobs and battling the sorry but you don’t have the experience, I found my first job in the arts. And what do you think it was….an Inbetweener…… Yes, the unthinkable job as a young teen, but the big kicker was that it was for Walt Disney Animation Australia!

I found myself in a production line, sometimes doing 300 to 500 drawings a week. But, it was drawing for Walt Disney that gave the Running Duck Studios whimsical artwork that stylised, romantic cartoony feel, not really steeling I guess. An even more interesting point though, it was while doing the BA that I developed my splatted ink style that I am now using again some 30years later. It doesn’t matter what road you take in life, it’s what you can get out of the trip on the way that matters.

Day six  COVID Life Art is for the public transport regulars “Keeping Up With Routines” Just like they told us

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