Artist at home: Lockdown DAY 7 – An Emotional Journey

DAY SEVEN - Shaved head, Inspirations, and the Struggle.

Wardrobe Malfunction.

Got started early this morning while the rest of the house was still asleep. Luckily for them. Ink is messy! Especially the way I throw it around. So I tend to like to be as comfortable as possible while working. This usually means wearing items that you wouldn’t be seen in public with. I may have gone a little far of late with a pair of loose-fitting trousers. Was in the throws of work (literally throwing ink) when I felt the said trousers coming a tad loose, but before I knew it they were around my ankles, and there was no time for stopping. Ink dries really quick, so you need to keep going till you finish and wash the brushes straight away. Lucky I was able to restore my dignity before anyone even woke….don’t worry, no pics. Though, with this lockdown I am tending to re ware clothes that I really shouldn’t. The hair is also at risk of becoming one fat dreadlock….

rumour is that lockdown will be shorter than expected, perhaps I need a plan of attack…. Shave the head and line up the fat clothes??

The Big I Am

During Uni 30 years ago I found an art book at the Wagga Wagga cheap book store. It was the only treat my finances would allow in those days. It was The Big I Am by Ralph Steadman. A crazy collection of ink splat artwork on the darker subject lines. But I loved the freedom and power the ink line, and splats gave to some of his works. The other artist that influenced me was Mary Macqueen, who I discovered through another book purchase(of course, no internet in those days). Mary used pencils, but it was her most simplest of lines that she creates her subjects with that got me. And I suppose it’s the power of simplicity working as it does with most things. These are the very first ink works that I did during a uni illustration project.

I am sure you would have noticed the pure simplicity of these characters as to the more cartoon look of most of the ones I do today post-Walt Disney. I plan on playing with this freedom more as I feel it leads more to art than a cartoon, and allows more expression.

Today I Struggle:

I have been struggling a little today and not just with my trousers. Its this bloody back and forth between; it’s the end of the world! No its not as bad as the yearly flu death rate! it’s all been planned, the whole pandemic! And that some of our most influential movers in the world are taking notes from a George Orwell novel…. Oh and I forgot, but wait, that’s not all…. The WHO(World Health Organisation) is controlled by the wealthy. The whole pandemic is just a plan to crush all the small businesses so the rich can rule, and curb the overpopulation problem! WTF!!!!

So do you want to know how I am dealing with it from a common-sense approach? Yes the WHO has had conferences before the pandemic because that’s their job, to pre-empt what may happen and the idea that we are heading for such a situation has been around for years…..it doesn’t mean they caused it!

Whether the wealthy control the WHO, and the pandemic is the creation of a mastermind? Who knows, but at least we all now know what is possible so we can prepare ourselves should something like this happen again….. Because of course, it’s going to happen again.

It is also interesting to see how the environment is thriving at the moment. We can all see what is possible if we curb some of our ways…whether we do is another thing altogether.

Even though we are physically separated from some of our loved ones, we are even closer than ever to these extended families. The reality and value of these connections have never been more highlighted.

The bit about Bill Gates wanting to sterilize people and give everyone identity implants… well, I am just lost for words on that one…  too much money and time on his hands, perhaps, that he has lost touch with what it means to be a human.

Today’s COVID Life Art, I have reverted somewhat back to my original style of expression minus the humour….. Today, a series;“Pure Emotion” is all I feel! How are you coping?

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