Artist at Home: Lockdown DAY 8 – A Little Bit of Crazy

DAY EIGHT: Getting lost, duck buts, and expecting Python food

Chocolate Therapy.

So a new lockdown development…got lost in my own house this morning. Even though I have only been blogging for 8 days, I have actually been isolating for a good 6 weeks or more. In all that time I have been in public perhaps 3 times, and that’s including the quick trip to the post office to mail some sold artworks. So the routine is wavering a little and mind is tending to go blank at times. Found myself standing in the middle of the room not knowing what I was doing or where I was going….

The solution? Found some hidden chocolate leftover from Easter. Nothing like Chocolate therapy and as an extra bonus added some pumping beats. So a bit of crazy dance and a traumatised girl that will probably never come out of her room now. But hey, I feel better. Even had enough in reserve to join in with the boys’ physical activity. We had a great time pushing a flat soccer ball through the long grass, all while being targeted with a rubber ball. Perhaps a few bruises but certainly made for some stupid fun, witch always the best kind of fun.

Hmm, I have a question for you…have you ever seen a duck from the other side???

A Slight Freak-out

This day just keeps getting better, we also discovered today that we have a new friend in lockdown with us. There was a hint, veggies being devoured in the patch, and some strange rustling at night. While lunching on the verandah in the sun, we invited the dogs up to join us. For the first time ever they went straight past the master, this never happens(usually glued to his side with no time for anyone else)They were onto it, noses planted to the deck. With the help of a little torchlight, we thought we had discovered the worlds biggest rat(a slight freak-out) till I noticed the curling tail and big eye looking up at me. A very large possum had taken up home under the deck above the garage. First one in 15 years, I just hope he finds a better place (that’s not our roof) as that is also the location where Stanley, the almost 3m python usually hibernates over winter….

Seeing as things are a little lockdown crazy today, I put together some cheeky humour for you

Todays COVID Life is one that seems to be ringing true across may back yards at the moment; Backyard camping ” Home Among the Undies”

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