Artist at home: Lockdown DAY 9 – Looking on the Bright Side

DAY NINE: life saving Botox, Yin and Yang, Guesstimation and Randomness

Lockdown order of importance for closure reopens...1.Hair, 2.alcohol, 3.Botox...no art galleries....What does that say about our society?

So hands up whos with me on feeling a little left out today with the announcement of loosening the COVID closures. Non-essentials still closed till at least 19th May…. UNLESS YOU NEED A BIT OF BOTOX THAT IS:

“Cosmetic injections provided by health practitioners registered under the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law, with social distancing observed to the extent possible.” ALLOWED

I am sure there must be some other kind of medical injections, just not sure what they could be…. I am still trying to figure out how having your hair cut was so important when no one was going to see it….Oh my god, my bangs…. they’er too long, I can’t see my latte!

I think the boy is slipping…slept a whole 15hrs last night! But at least he was out of bed before 8am….but it’s not a school day bahahha

Fresh bread anyone? Must admit it’s getting a tad tiring having to make it every day. I Even have to set the alarm to get out of bed for the multigrain, that takes nearly 5hrs. Yes, struggle to get out of bed before 7am oops, the secret is out. Don’t get me wrong I gave up hand kneading after the first two. Kills the wrists and I need those. We go through a loaf a day as everyone has fallen in love with ham, cheese and homemade garlic powder on hot bread straight from the machine. I love having the kids home, as teens, they spend most of their time in their rooms…bet when I want them, they are there. Lockdown life is hard haha.

Sorry, had to 🙂

Yin and Yang

I am beginning to think that after this lockdown thing, there are going to be a lot of people re-thinking how they live day to day. Why do I even need to go out when I can have everything delivered to my door? I think that alone will be the cause of some brick and mortar businesses folding before they even get back up and running.

Where there’s Yin, there’s Yang; On the more beautiful side of life, I just watched a video of an endangered sea turtle hatch on a now-empty Brazilian beach. The environment is the winner here, even if only temporary. It’s a well-earned breather for nature and wildlife. Perhaps our world is a living and breathing entity that works together to right itself when needed??

Guesstimation and randomness

Feeling in more of a colourful mood today. The first bit of the video is a pencil sketch of me learning to draw a cheetah, a very important step some may say. Experimenting with a rough map out of colour in the background which I am beginning to think is my favourite approach to adding colour. A bit of guesstimation in this process, but adds some randomness to it that I love as well. Not bad for my very first cheetah, I am thinking of doing a series of wildlife minis. Small framed artworks that can be hung as a set and added to as new favourites become available… what do you think? Would someone prefer small original hand-drawn artworks or a larger print of the artwork for the same price?

What a way to finish off a fantastic day, a bit of fresh air and light exercise. Gotta love lockdown living in Dayboro 😊 

COVID Life Art 9: Is your Family unit feeling a bit robotic being told what you can and can’t do??? “Press the on Button Now”

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