A Little Bit of Country Crazy – Whimsical Rural Art Book


Dive into “A Little Bit of Country Crazy,” a whimsical collection of ink sketches that bring the quirks of rural life to your fingertips. Playful cows and dancing barns leap from each page, inviting smiles and nostalgia.

Perfect for art lovers and daydreamers alike.

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A Little Bit of Country Crazy  Where Ink Meets Imagination

Welcome to “A Little Bit of Country Crazy,” where each page crackles with the playful spirit of rural life, all captured in striking black and white on paper.

A Prelude to Whimsy

The cover sets the stage – a cow, carefree with kids rolling over it, invites you into a world where the rules of gravity are as fluid as the ink that dances across the page. It’s a promise of the laughter, the irreverence, and the pure joy that the sketches within hold.

Paper as the Stage for Rural Revelry

Forget everything you thought you knew about country drawings. Here, each line is a deliberate celebration of life’s quirky moments, and the paper is the stage where the comedy and charm of the country come into play. These aren’t just depictions; they’re invitations to step into a world where the countryside doesn’t just whisper but sings with a loud, vibrant voice.

A Symphony of Sketches

This book isn’t just about the individual drawings; it’s about how they come together to form a symphony of sketches. Each piece, from the somersaulting cows to the waltzing windmills, tells a story of a ‘crazy beautiful’ rural life that’s both familiar and fantastical.

A Paperbound Journey to the Heart of the Country

“A Little Bit of Country Crazy” isn’t merely to be read; it’s to be experienced. Each drawing in “A Little Bit of Country Crazy” is a reverent nod to the ‘Dust and Good Bones voyage—an 8000km trek that unveiled the heart and soul of Australia’s creative countryside. The sketches are more than just art; they are waypoints on a map of inspiration, from Brisbane to Hay, through floods and the resilient spirit of rural communities. This collection is your personal guide to the creative country, celebrating the places, faces, and artistic spaces that make the Australian countryside a canvas of boundless wonder…

So come along, embrace the crazy, celebrate the country, and let “A Little Bit of Country Crazy” remind you of the beauty that can be found on a simple piece of paper, transformed by imagination and a bit of ink.


A Little Bit of Country Crazy – Whimsical Rural Art Book

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