Artist at home: Lockdown DAY 4 – The magic of the Faceless Family

DAY FOUR: Fluffy Bun Buns, working outside of the rules, and metallic artwork.

So this is Fluffy Bun Buns greeting me on this lockdown morning, how good is that cheek fluff!!

Unique artistic style explained: faces

You may have noticed the lack of faces on most of my whimsical artworks so far, and perhaps wondering why. The thought sounds confronting at first, but as art historian, Julian Jason Haladyn would put it: “It functions as a placeholder we can imaginatively occupy.” It enables you to connect more easily with the scene that is set and the memory it may hold for you. Though, this is not the sole purpose of the lack of facial features. It makes a statement that our identities are more than just our faces, we are more complex than that.

It is even more relevant with commissioned work as it’s the people we surround ourselves with, the things we love, and what we like to do that defines who we are.

If I add faces all those special things about a person are forgotten, and the emotional focus becomes just in that moment; what are they thinking? He looks tired, his eyes are too close…. The representation of that person becomes trapped at that moment with whatever the facial expression is at that time, forever in the artwork.

Without faces, the artwork also becomes more intimate as the recognition is created through how well you know the person that is the subject.

Not only am I playing with colours during lockdown but metallic colours as well. The Owl video will show a little of the shimmer effect it creates. This is just a small collection of the owl artworks I have made, hope you like them

COVID Life Art: "Introductions" Where there is a will there is a way. life never stops it just changes direction.

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