Artist at home 2 weeks in lockdown! the wonder of Day 1

Day one: Lockdown Birthday.

The art of living smashes into an artistic melting pot. Tent living, chocolate diet and judgemental ducks?

Up with the chickens at first light, I am so excited to focus on living without the stresses and pressures of the norm. It’s just me my family and farm friends for two whole weeks. The best thing about farm friends…no judgment, no opinions, no criticism. And if you are quick you can corner them for a cuddle and there is nothin they can do about it 😊

Now to tackle the email explosion before I must drag the kids out of bed for Homeschooling. Thank god I only have two kids, that’s two lots of emails from the school, the principal, and every teacher for every subject, every day. Not to mention the back and forth communication, and explanations…. It’s an hour later and I haven’t even gotten to work emails.

Birthday boy, we officially have two teens IN THE HOUSE!

I slight glow emits from the boy’s room, he (AKA Dragon Lord) has created some kind of cave tent encompassing his bed and most of the room, lit with Christmas lights. I think it’s kind of a nesting thing, but one thing is for sure, after four weeks what is escaping from the room is more like a bat cave. it’s not pretty. He would spend the whole day in there reading If I didn’t drag him out. Some of you may say, “just pull it down and get him to clean his room!”….. However, he is in the at risk group for COVID with his asthma, and that’s why he has been home for so long already. It’s kind of his safety blanket for these scary times that helps make him feel safe, so I let it go. Its his birthday after all. So I’m going in, wish me luck.

10am rise for the birthday boy, his plan is a day of play. Silly me thought he meant playing with the family hahaha what was I thinking.

Kids are doing their thing, washing is in, so it’s time for me to get creative.

Colour! Glorious colour!  Don’t look at my shaky pen… there’s a reason most of my work is done in black and white hahaha. Each year I decide on a new subject to explore as a variation from my usual whimsical black and white works and this year its colour.

Google is my friend! I don’t expect the first drawing attempts to work out with any brilliance as with most new things we try, so using googled images without permission is ok. The vid shows a whole lot of ugly drawings to start , hopefully helping you understand my discovery process, trying to find out how to treat the colour in different ways with and without black as well.

Really happy with my final piece for the day, Colourful Kisses. I got the photo from my personal collection from some local love birds, the luxury of also having a passion for photography. What do you think?

At almost 50 there are usually two main things playing at the back of my mind….. what am I going to do to make this day more enjoyable?….and my waistline! So it’s now around 3.30pm and all I have eaten is the worlds biggest slice of birthday mudcake from Cosco, you know the one. Diet tick, enjoyment tick.

Todays COVID image is one sent to me by one of my sisters moved by a resemblance to our dad. “Waiting for Garbo” when the need for human to human contact reaches max. Have you done anything weird and wonderful today? Send me a pic 😊

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