Artist at Home: Lockdown DAY 11 – We’re Still Here, yay!

DAY ELEVEN: Monks, the Arty and the Geek mobile Gallery build.

Who else has a house full of monks?

The hooded dressing gowns and pj’s are sooo much comfier, its almost lunch time before some decide to get dressed…. And one even puts the dressing gown back on over the clothes. We will be in our onesies soon with the way their weather is going, lockdown style.

Will there ever be a normal again?

Though we are allowed out now to some extent, the kids are still home for another 3 weeks. I am going to keep doing the COVID Life Art as long as there are people restricted from their everyday norms. So keep sending me your special moments from your time in lockdown.

Normally, I would have spent at least one day at a market somewhere in Brisbane this weekend, and there would always be some people who came over just to see the van itself. So, I have put together a collection of photos of the making of the Running Duck Studio mobile gallery.

The Arty and the Geek:

Master builders we are not, but not bad for an arty and a tech geek. There were a few very sad moments where you felt like a little cry, like when you realise that the hight of the roof is different at each side of where you need to put the cupboard you have just made…There was a lot of re-do’s as an old van nothing was straight, level or even. Even the paint job was done about three times as we discovered neither rain or humidity was a good mix. Insulated, new floors and wall linings all solar lighting and panels as well as charge points and fans. Only took around 7 months part-time to build it fully self-sufficient for festival and market gigs. The luxury of not having to load and unload the car, set up a tent and hang every piece of art every time was priceless!

All the market peeps tend to look at the van enviously, but I did my time for 6 years, setting everything up in a tent swaying in the breeze each market. The one downfall though… the extra-long days. I have to get there before everyone and then wait for everyone to leave before I can go. And some times you get organisers who I think have never driven or parked a van, because some of the locations they have tried to put me in would blow your mind.

Anyway, now she sits idle in her little shelter.

Artist at Home: Lockdown DAY 11 - We're Still Here, yay! IMG 20170329 165040 517

Todays COVID Life Art gives me a flashback to the days when my kids were under 10 years old. The time when they were absolutely incapable of entertaining themselves and doing something without mum was unthinkable. Sometimes you found yourself going to the toilet more often just to get some peace. So this is for all the parents at that stage…and in lockdown. Just remember, it’s only for one more week “At The End of Your Rope”

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