Artist at Home: Lockdown DAY 12 – Sweetness and Light

DAY TWELVE: Robots, the soft side to life and on the road adventures.

Pooper Scooper.

Set RoboCop (robotic vacuum) loose in the house this morning in an attempt to keep the excess dirt down from having extra people at home all day…..lost him, yep….he is in the house somewhere, just not sure where. I am sure he will turn up someday. Just hope its not with an extra present now that we have the dogs in at night. Saw a video one time where it had collected a doggy poop and spread it around the whole house..hmm.

Cuteness gift

My little sample book of Sweetness and Light arrived today, yay. A collection of artworks on the soft humour and gentle innocence side. So why am I so soft? I have been creative since my first breath, a photographer since Uni and an artist from the moment of independence.


I absorb inspiration from my surroundings, my imagination and my emotions because if you can’t touch a part of someone’s soul, you haven’t finished yet.

Let me know what you think about Sweetness and Light? The next mini books will be “ A Little Bit of Crazy Country”, A Horsey Affair” and “Wild Love’n.”

On the road

183 markets and festivals at 21 different locations, that is the rough tally of Running Duck Studio Mobile gallery visits in the last 3 years. From The Channon NSW to Maryborough, markets and festivals. You meet all sorts at the markets, here are some of the highlights including clowns and wildlife visitors.

Lockdown city style, Todays COVID Life Art is a little out there with plenty of time to work on my tan : “COVID Tan Lines”

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