Hand inked black and white drawings available to purchase

Drawing for Walt Disney in the past means there is a residual hint of cartoon style in most works created by the Running Duck Studio artist. This cartoon style allows for a story to be told within each artwork. No faces are so you can find yourself in a story that resonates with you. Capturing those special fleeting moments in a forever memory piece of art for that warm feeling just when you need it.

Black and white drawings have a feeling of sophistication and clarity. The story’s focus is not lost in detail, so the emotion is pure. Can you see yourself in one of these images? Have you had the pleasure of interacting with your favourite animal? Do you remember a time past that resonates?

Timeless, elegant and incredibly versatile, black and white drawings will fit well with any kind of home styling.

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Large artworks and international shipping come unframed (indicated with individual image details)

2 Wedged-Tailed Eagles from the black and white drawings collection
Double Trouble - Viewable in person at Dayboro Art Gallery ($385)
Black and white drawing of a bird on a branch
Soft Winds, Gentle Heart ($560 - $594)
black and white drawing of Queen Elizabeth on a horse
To the Woman with Passions, our Queen
Black and white drawing of a dog with butterfly on his nose
Surprise Visit ($79 - $110)
Black and white sketch of Queen Elizabeth with a horse
More Than a Queen
black and white drawing of a girl with a surf board
Cheeky Beach Babe
Horse and child walking
Windy Walks 2 ($295 - $325) SOLD
Black and white drawing of two barn owls
I am Here ($287 - $325)
black and white Drawing of a girl with a dog and horse
The Little Big Boss ($210 - $235)
Black and white drawing of a child hugging a dog
Snuggle Buns ($135)
Drawning of a fox looking to the side
Foxy Girl ($110)
Black and white drawing of kids on a raft with a dog
Dog Paddle ($159 - $210)
Black and white drawing of a dog and child floating on a log
Precious Cargo ($69 - $79)
Black and white drawing of a boy on a skateboard with a rocket on his back
Thinking Big ($59 - $69)
Black and white drawing of a horse, its foal, and a cat
Stable Friends ($215 - $249)
Black and white drawing of two swans forming a heart with their necks
Be Still my Heart ($125)
Brilliant Black and White Drawings 4 Sale InstinctualConnection horses
Instinctual Connection - SOLD
Brilliant Black and White Drawings 4 Sale TongueStyling Giraffe1
Mum Styling - SOLD
Brilliant Black and White Drawings 4 Sale RunningDuckStudio SilentNight900
Silent Night - SOLD
drawing of a Barking Owl
I Need a Drink - SOLD

Black and White Drawings that express a Love of Animals in all Shapes and Sizes

Do you have a favourite animal? or pet that is your best mate?
Creating animal drawings is a passion that stems from deep in my upbringing and life experiences. I lived on a hobby farm with every animal you could possibly think of, but not only that. My mum was also the drop-in point for abandoned wildlife. So I was also raised with baby emus, kangaroos, possums and even a fox.

I remember one story where my dad was called to town, and there in the middle of the town roundabout, stood a fully grown emu. It was Eeny, one of our emus, einy Meeny miney and mo, that we had released a few years earlier.

Now such was the connection, and recognition, between animal and human that dad was able to pick this fully grown wild animal up and put it in the back of the land cruiser. Not a trailer, in the car, with us kids eyeballing it from the back seat.

So I learned at an early age about the strong connections that can develop not only with the animals we surround ourselves with but also with wildlife. This awareness helps me create emotive black and white drawings of animals

So why Black and White Drawings?

The colour black is considered elegant yet understated, so I am able to keep the focus on the subject in a way that is not confronting but purposeful.

Black and white drawings create a more intense mood than colour, making it more emotional. An emotional response to any artwork is rewarding to its creator and the audience. The artwork becomes more than just a pretty picture; its value is reflected in its owner.

Visually black and white drawings work in any home decor to help create a timeless feature that will never go out of style.

Is black and white even a colour?

If black is a combination of colours and as such, it is not a colour itself. White is described as the absence of colour… So does that mean black and white drawings do not exist?

In physics, a colour is visible light with a specific wavelength. Black and white are not colours because they do not have specific wavelengths. Instead, white light contains all wavelengths of visible light. Black, on the other hand, is the absence of visible light. Seattlepi

What artist is known for his black and white paintings??

This is one of the most searched questions on the internet. My question is, why was the go-to search for a male? I would say partly because women were not allowed the same access to art education as men in the past. Hence, less well-known female artists, so the go-to search is “him”.

I am happy to say the Running Duck Studio artist is a “her”. Danielle B Latta has won several art awards and sold well over 1000 black and white drawings. There are three tiers to Danielle’s artwork,

  1. Large gallery pieces, usually Australian and other wildlife animal drawings,
  2. Smaller pieces that are considered art for the people. Keeping original art accessible to all and usual small animal and special moment illustrative works.
  3. Functional art. For those with no wall space and who have fallen in love with artworks that have already been sold

**Standard postage within Australia. Remote areas and International can be discussed contact me now.


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