Large in stature, gentle by nature. Draft Horse

Hand inked artwork of a draft horse with rider and foal running along side

Original hand inked bird artwork of an Australian Emu running

Beach Mates

Ink sketch of an Australian day at the beach

Imagine this at full speed 55km/h….that would send up a serious dust cloud. A huge presence of power and strength yet, a grass eater more like a cow than a beast, the quintessential contradiction and the classic gentle Giant. Large-scale poaching saw black rhino populations decline from around 70,000 individuals in 1970 to just 2,410 in 1995 – that’s a dramatic decline of 96% over 20 years. Thanks to the persistent efforts of conservation programmes across Africa, black rhino numbers have risen since then to a current population of between 5,366 and 5,627 individuals. Importantly, their geographic range has also increased, with successful reintroduction programmes repopulating areas that had previously seen native black rhinos. Comes with MOUNT BOARD 35.5cm x 28cm     Save the Rhino

Orangutan literally translates into “person of the forest”.

As a part of my Endangered Series, I aimed for an emotional connection rather than the precision of representation. The spatter and almost agitated stroke are used to emphasize the desperation of the Orangutans plight. Working with no roughs, through different poses until I get to know a subject, results in an emotional expression of a subject that comes alive with movement.

Orangutans are critically endangered. Extinction is likely in the next 10 years.

Original hand inked artwork of a girl and dog riding a horse through water

The mystical, the magical, the spiritual. However you connect with a wolf, it is a powerful one. Ink sketch of a wolf

All proceeds go to the Wildlife emergency fund WIRES helping save our wildlife from the fires


Some have claimed the cassowary to look like a ‘giant prehistoric turkey’, but they are in fact descendants of dinosaurs.

Looking somewhat like a combination of a turkey and an ostrich, their body features different colours and textures (from feathers to skin) like that of a dinosaur, from their large, black-feathered body to the bluish skin on their head and reddish skin on their neck to blue-grey coloured legs.

Their descending from dinosaurs supports the classification of the cassowary as the ‘most dangerous bird on Earth’. Comes with MOUNT BOARD 38cm x 30.5cm

Cassowary info