Heartfelt Gifts Crafted with Aussie Soul (4 weeks till Christmas)

cushion with a horse and foal artwork on it

The cheer that only December can bring – as we edge closer to Christmas, the search for presents with presence becomes all the more pressing. This year, let’s journey together beyond the conventional and discover gifts that resonate with the heart and soul of Australia, gifts that tell a story, your story.

That Feeling – Skateboard

That Feeling, This image is a black and white drawing of a girl on a skateboard

That Feeling captures the exhilarating world of skateboarding in a single frame. Dive into this 3-part series, where I share the inspiration, technique, and the timeless allure of this dynamic art piece. Relive the golden era with me!

The Timeless Allure of Vintage Swimwear Art

Swim Cap Divas, two elegant retro ladies on a jetty © RDS

The timeless allure of vintage swimwear art transports us to golden beaches of yesteryears, where elegance met simplicity. Discover the 7 iconic styles that defined an era and learn how art captured the essence of vintage swimwear. Relive the magic with Running Duck Studio.

The Power of Emotion in Portraitist Art

The Power of Emotion in Portraitist Art The power of emotion in portraits

The art of portraiture, a timeless medium, has always been a window into the soul. While the early days of portraitist art focused on the external representation of an individual, the contemporary approach delves deeper, striving to evoke raw emotion.

Discover 6 Captivating Galleries: A Haven for Ink Drawing Enthusiasts Awaits You!

Discover 6 Captivating Galleries: A Haven for Ink Drawing Enthusiasts Awaits You! A haven for ink drawings galleries

Unveiling the Artistic World of rds.ink: A Haven for Ink Drawing Enthusiasts Welcome to the enchanting realm of rds.ink, an online sanctuary for those who appreciate the finesse and intricacy of ink drawings I created (Danielle Latta). In this blog post, I will take you on a journey through my various galleries, each curated to … Read more

The Creation Of Tawny Trails

The Creation Of Tawny Trails Activities600L

GAME CHANGER Launch day Celebrations are NOV 28th and JAN 30 Over the last seven months, I have been putting together a major project. One that changes everything. In the Running Duck Studio world, at least. ? I have gone through the agonizingly long process of getting a grant and created something extra special for … Read more

Russell Island Artist in Residence

Russell Island Artist in Residence HiveTrail2 RunningDuckStudio

Recently I participated in an artist in residency program on Russell Island. It was not something that I usually do. It was out of the blue in response to yet again broken plans by covid. I dove in heart and soul and found a moment or moments that were unexpected. Moving, uplifting, connecting with nature … Read more

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