Animal pen and ink drawings

Running Duck Studio Ink Gallery - Artwork of three owls in a row

Embark on a journey through the delicate and profound world of animal pen and ink drawings. This post unveils the history, artistic process, and emotional essence that make these black and white artworks by Running Duck Studio truly unforgettable. Explore how Australian wildlife and beloved pets are brought to life through the intricate strokes of pen and ink

How to Express Vulnerability Through Art

How to Express Vulnerability Through Art Vulnerable covid

How to express vulnerability through art” delves into the transformative power of art during challenging times. Danielle’s personal journey during the COVID lockdown highlights the beauty of embracing vulnerability. Dive deep into this captivating exploration and find solace in the strokes of ink.

Australian Owls, Frogmouths, and Nightjars: The Mystical Nocturnal Flyers

Running Duck Studio Ink Gallery - Barn owl artwork by running Duck Studio artist

Australia is a land rich with diverse wildlife, and among its unique fauna, the nocturnal birds hold a mystical allure. In the serene veil of the night, Australian Owls, Frogmouths, and Nightjars take wing, each with distinct traits and behaviours that captivate those lucky enough to encounter them. At Running Duck Studio (RDS), this nocturnal mystique is captured in black-and-white ink, revealing the elegant and elusive nature of these night flyers.

Brush Strokes and Bird Songs: Celebrating Local Artists and Their Artworks

Brush Strokes and Bird Songs: Celebrating Local Artists and Their Artworks DayboroLocals

Local art is a vibrant reflection of the community spirit, showcasing the unique culture, history, and aesthetic that define a particular area. In a quaint town just outside of Brisbane, where I am fortunate enough to reside, the local art scene is a beautiful blend of traditional and contemporary styles, mirroring the diverse experiences of the artists.

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