The sad story of beautiful baby elephant Aoung Pao

The sad story of beautiful baby elephant Aoung Pao BundleOfJoy elephant800

Running Duck Studio in Thailand June 2023, I illustrate the special moments in life, and my recent trip to Thailand was full of such moments. You can’t help but be taken in by the locals’ smiles and enthusiasm and the countryside’s magic. Little Aoung Pao was one of the cherished babies of this family of elephants and carers, and shows us the depth of the connection we can have with animals

The Art of Conforming

The Art of Conforming Capture Please enjoy this little video from the opening of my Sydney exhibition. It shares some great background, personal stories, and insights into my motivations and inspirations as an artist. What you don’t see in this video is the more than 5 months of prep and reciting that had to go into getting to this … Read more

There’s no Shame in Knowing Your Limits!

There's no Shame in Knowing Your Limits! edited 20151127 123546

There’s no Shame in Knowing Your Limits The Artistic Entertainer So, when did being a visual artist become the equivalent of being available for show pony and entertainment services? Firstly, artists create art to express themselves. Sometimes it’s because art is the best way, and maybe even the only way they can express themselves as … Read more

Is there always a message in Art

Is there always a message in Art Cow1000

To put it simply, YES. All art, even in its most straightforward creation, says something, has a message. Someone painting a dot on a wall and calling it art will have a message….even if “I just like things simple” to “I feel alone, isolated and struggling to find direction”. Often artist being very visual people … Read more

The first time is always the hardest

The first time is always the hardest LoveWithNoBoundariesLion800

Simply watch the video for a quick insight into the creative process or read below for a more in-depth account of products and methods. Hi, so first time painting on board. Have been putting it off for months now. Now I have the Moreton Bay Regional Council and ArtQueensland’s excellent support, I have no excuses. … Read more

Artist at Home: Lockdown DAY 10 – Freedom

holy communion drawing

DAY TEN: Death on the hilltops, lost in the bush and determination. Dead bodies in the rainforest. Just got home…its 3pm….woo hoo we were allowed out and about this weekend so took full advantage getting up at 6am for an early start. Not too many cars around on a Sunday morning even on normal days … Read more

Artist at home: Lockdown DAY 9 – Looking on the Bright Side

Family lockdown drawing

DAY NINE: life saving Botox, Yin and Yang, Guesstimation and Randomness Lockdown order of importance for closure reopens…1.Hair, 2.alcohol, 3.Botox…no art galleries….What does that say about our society? So hands up whos with me on feeling a little left out today with the announcement of loosening the COVID closures. Non-essentials still closed till at least … Read more

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