The Art of Conforming

The Art of Conforming Capture Please enjoy this little video from the opening of my Sydney exhibition. It shares some great background, personal stories, and insights into my motivations and inspirations as an artist. What you don’t see in this video is the more than 5 months of prep and reciting that had to go into getting to this … Read more

There’s no Shame in Knowing Your Limits!

There's no Shame in Knowing Your Limits! edited 20151127 123546

There’s no Shame in Knowing Your Limits The Artistic Entertainer So, when did being a visual artist become the equivalent of being available for show pony and entertainment services? Firstly, artists create art to express themselves. Sometimes it’s because art is the best way, and maybe even the only way they can express themselves as … Read more

The Creation Of Tawny Trails

The Creation Of Tawny Trails Activities600L

GAME CHANGER Launch day Celebrations are NOV 28th and JAN 30 Over the last seven months, I have been putting together a major project. One that changes everything. In the Running Duck Studio world, at least. ? I have gone through the agonizingly long process of getting a grant and created something extra special for … Read more

Russell Island Artist in Residence

Russell Island Artist in Residence HiveTrail2 RunningDuckStudio

Recently I participated in an artist in residency program on Russell Island. It was not something that I usually do. It was out of the blue in response to yet again broken plans by covid. I dove in heart and soul and found a moment or moments that were unexpected. Moving, uplifting, connecting with nature … Read more

All the wild animals in one place

All the wild animals in one place

Nothing like the thought of a child in danger to stimulate the thought muscle It was interesting to see the different reactions to the idea of the drawing. Some people are instantly drawn to the gentleness of the image. But, at the same time, others were confused by the idea of a child so close … Read more

A Tender Touch

A Tender Touch ATenderTouch LoveWithNoBoundaries RDS

Elephants are one of the most loved animals in the world so seemed the most logical to send a message of love. An elephant is also one of the largest, so the contrast between it and the child is powerful. This is one of the largest artworks created on board, and one of the most … Read more

The first time is always the hardest

The first time is always the hardest LoveWithNoBoundariesLion800

Simply watch the video for a quick insight into the creative process or read below for a more in-depth account of products and methods. Hi, so first time painting on board. Have been putting it off for months now. Now I have the Moreton Bay Regional Council and ArtQueensland’s excellent support, I have no excuses. … Read more

Love with no Boundaries DAY ONE

Love with no Boundaries DAY ONE DayOneLionSketch

The majestic kings and queens of our most endeared and feared in the animal kingdom. At some time in our lives, most of us have been in love with these powerful creatures. Whether it’s the untouchable and empowering or the wild and dangerous image that draws us in, the undeniable attraction is there. This project … Read more

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