Christmas Present 2023: The Perfect Aussie Picks

Christmas Present 2023 showcases the magic of personalised gifts. Explore ink artworks, and Australian treats, all oozing with nostalgia and a touch of whimsy. Make this festive season unforgettable.

Ah, can you feel it? That tingling excitement in the air, the scent of blossoming jacarandas, and the festive jingles playing in the corner stores. Christmas in Australia has always had its unique charm, blending the warmth of the season with our sun-kissed beaches and balmy evenings. As 2024 approaches, I’ve found myself reflecting on the ideal Christmas present.

And oh, the endless possibilities!

This year, more than ever, there’s been a beautiful movement towards supporting our local Aussie businesses. Perhaps it’s the collective spirit we’ve built during the recent challenges or just a growing appreciation for the craftspeople in our midst. I’ve always believed that a gift, especially one handcrafted with love and attention to detail, carries a piece of the artist’s soul. And what’s more personal than that?

Take the enchanting black-and-white illustrations from Running Duck Studio, for instance. Each piece, meticulously hand-inked, captures a slice of Australian life – from our mesmerising wildlife to scenes from the quaint countryside. I’ve poured my heart and soul into these artworks, drawing inspiration from the diverse landscapes and experiences of our great land. Gifting such a piece is like offering a hug – a pandemic hug if you will, given the times – encapsulating warmth, nostalgia, and a touch of Aussie spirit

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Sustainability, too, has been at the forefront of our gift-giving decisions. Australia, with its vast natural beauty, reminds us daily of the importance of caring for our environment. Why not consider gifts that echo this sentiment?

Reusable items, local handmade treasures, or even experiences that replace physical gifts. After all, isn’t it the memory that counts?

A day out exploring art trails, like the Tawny Trails, can be more precious than any object. It’s about the shared laughs, the discoveries, and the joy of the journey.

Personalisation is another trend I’ve seen gaining momentum. There’s something incredibly touching about receiving a gift tailored just for you. It’s a testament to the thought and effort someone’s put into making your Christmas special. From custom-made jewelry that tells a story to art pieces that resonate with personal memories, the possibilities are endless.

Christmas, with its twinkling lights and heartfelt carols, has a unique way of bringing out the child in all of us. And as I reminisce about my favourite festive memories, it becomes evident that it’s not just about the gifts under the tree, but the sentiments behind them.

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picture of lady in vintage tennis whites Ella, Tennis Whites

Speaking of sentiments, have you ever stumbled upon a trinket or a painting that instantly transported you back in time? Maybe to those carefree childhood days, the smell of mum’s homemade cookies, or that unforgettable summer adventure. That’s the power of art, especially when it’s imbued with emotions and memories. A piece from the “Vintage Life” collection, for instance, has this timeless quality. It’s not just ink on paper; it’s a portal to a bygone era, captured forever.


Christmas Present 2023: The Perfect Aussie Picks OldSchoolFun covid

Now, if you’re hunting for a gift for someone who appreciates the finer, emotional nuances of life, then bespoke pieces from the “Covid Life Artworks” collection might just be the ticket. Created during a time of global introspection, each artwork speaks of resilience, hope, and the indomitable human spirit. And isn’t that what we all need a reminder of, especially during the festive season?

Old School Fun, COVID entertainment


But if tangible gifts aren’t your cup of tea, let’s not forget the allure of experiences. Australia is a treasure trove of adventures waiting to be discovered. How about gifting a self-guided tour, exploring the hidden gems of our landscape? A day out on The Tawny Trails can be an immersive experience, where every turn reveals a new art piece, a new story. The joy of discovery, paired with the rich tapestry of Australian culture and artistry, can be a gift like no other.

For those who lean towards sustainability and want their festive choices to reflect eco-conscious decisions, there’s a myriad of options. From handcrafted bamboo cutlery sets, perfect for those summer picnics, to reusable beeswax wraps adorned with indigenous art, the choices are not only practical but deeply resonant of our Aussie ethos.

Kangaroo and child animal drawing Little Red. red kangaroo

Lastly, let’s chat about the youngsters. Oh, their eyes light up at the merest hint of a surprise! This year, how about steering clear of the usual toys and gadgets? Instead, introduce them to the enchanting world of art. A hand-inked illustration, perhaps of a playful kangaroo or a mischievous kookaburra, can spark their imagination and foster a lifelong appreciation for creativity.


As the festive season approaches, many of us are drawn towards DIY projects, adding a personal touch to our gifting choices. And trust me, there’s something magical about creating with our own hands, weaving our personal stories and memories into them.

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For the art enthusiasts, especially those who cherish the warmth of monochrome illustrations, why not try your hand at creating a personal ink artwork? With a bit of patience and the right tools, you could craft a piece that’s not just unique but deeply personal. If you’re unsure about where to begin, a visit to a local art workshop or an online tutorial can set you on the right path. And if drawing isn’t your forte, no worries! Collages made from black and white photos, intertwined with little doodles and heartfelt notes, can be just as captivating.


Artwork of a girl in the garden

May the Growth Be With You

For those with a green thumb, think about gifting a piece of nature. A potted plant, maybe a native Australian shrub or a fragrant herb garden, can be a gift that keeps on giving. Throw in a hand-painted pot or a self-designed label, and you’ve got a present that’s both functional and aesthetic.

May the Growth Be With You

If you’re someone who finds solace in the written word, penning down a poem or a letter might just be the thing. In this digital age, handwritten notes carry a certain nostalgic charm. Combine it with some sketches or pressed flowers, and you have a keepsake that’s bound to be cherished for years to come.

Now, for the culinary wizards among us, why not whip up some classic Aussie treats? From Anzac biscuits to homemade lamingtons, pack them in reusable tin boxes or jars adorned with hand-drawn labels. It’s a delightful blend of taste and artistry, perfect for that Christmas morning tea.

Lastly, for those of us who love to travel and explore, gifting an experience can be unmatched. Consider crafting a personalised travel guide tailored to the recipient’s tastes. Include local art trails like the Tawny Trails, hidden cafes, and scenic spots. Bind them in a handmade booklet, sprinkle in some illustrations, and voilà!

Woodside Ceramics on Tawny Trails

You’ve got a guide that promises adventure and discovery.

In wrapping up, remember that the spirit of Christmas isn’t just in the grand gestures but in the little moments of joy, laughter, and heartfelt connections. Whether it’s a piece of art, a DIY project, or a shared experience, let’s make Christmas 2023 one for the books, filled with memories that echo the unique essence of Australia. Cheers to a festive season that’s both merry and bright!

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