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Ink artwork of endangered Lion

12 Beautiful Drawings of Endangered Animals that helps save lives

Not only will purchasing drawings of Endangered animals directly benefit the animal, but you will help build on the awareness of the animal’s plight, the fundamental starting point to save a life.

It’s said to be inherent in human nature to be drawn to wild animals. Whether the wild side of us is drawn to the excitement of danger, power, or freedom, wild animals emulate a desire or need within.

Drawings of endangered animals fulfil that need in a way that honours the idea with uniqueness and beauty like a prised jewel on display for all to admire. All while capturing and recording the greatness of an animal to be cherished into the future.

A portion of each of the drawings of endangered animals sold from the endangered series will be donated to the corresponding wildlife fund in your name

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Forest Hugs

Dive into the heart of 'Forest Hugs', an evocative artwork that gently cradles the delicate relationship between the human spirit and the...


Sleepy Moments

Explore a world where serenity meets the boundless love between a mother and her child in "Sleepy Moments." This captivating piece, gorge...


Bundle Of Joy

"Bundle of Joy - One Adorable Baby Elephant" is a piece that beautifully captures the essence of youthful innocence and the sheer delight...


Baby On Board, Koalas

Baby On Board, Drawing of 2 Koalas" is a piece that beautifully capt...


Back Seat Driver, Koalas

This artwork comes with an external frame In this black and white illustration entitled "Back Seat Driver," The mother carries her pre...


I Cry-Endangered Tazzie Devil_

As I let my ink-laden brush glide across the canvas, the image of the Tasmanian Devil comes to life, an endearing and misunderstood creat...


Beautiful Beast 2 - Endangered Black Rhino

Imagine this at full speed 55km/h....that would send up a serious dust cloud. A huge presence of power and strength yet, a grass eater mo...


Old Soul-endangered elephant

Old Soul (elephant). The swirling winds of movement, scribbled black lines of age with a slight touch of silver ink to symbolize a reg...


My Queen-Endangered lions

Lion and Lioness showing their human side The emotional connection, snuggling closer while the queen holds her regale stature. Mimicki...


Cherished Entanglements


Ball of Love

Koala sharing the love of a mother There is something about a koala huddle that make me feel warm and safe. The circle, the fluff and ...

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Why drawings of endangered animals? Why should we save these animals?

All animals are an essential part of our ecosystem. From agricultural production to their contributions to medicine, animals do far more than many of us realize.

Moreover, scientists have found increasing evidence linking the loss of species diversity in ecosystems to increased transmission of pathogens and incidence of diseases in humans. Mongbay

Which Animals are on the Endangered Animals list from Australia?

During the research, before doing my drawings of endangered animals, I found 86 Australian species. Ranging from birds and reptiles to, shockingly, our beautiful Koalas. I have sold artworks of Numbats, Quolls, Tazzie Devils, Wombats, possums, cassowaries, and turtles. All of whom are endangered in Australia.

The threat to our Koalas has never been more personally confronting than my recent visit to Cape Otway. I first visited this area on a freezing rainy day back in 2012. Visibility was so low that I had to strain my eyes through the rain to recognise the hundreds of strange fruits hanging from the trees following the track.

They were, in fact, not fruit in abundance but masses of Koalas sitting in the trees.

On returning to Cape Otway 6 years later, I discovered a decimated landscape of dead trees and not a single koala to be seen. A stark reminder that even seemingly in abundance, some animals can become vulnerable.

In February 2022 the Koala was listed as ‘ENDANGERED’ in QLD, NSW and ACT under the EPBC Act. Savethekoala

Is it Hard to do Drawings of Endangered Animals?

Drawing for Walt Disney was essentially a production line, churning out drawing after drawing, sometimes well over 300 a week. So It helped me develop the speed and strength of stroke that I need for the style of work that I do now.

It also is why most of my artworks have a hint of cartoon. So much so that when I was doing my wildlife series, it took forever for my lions to not look like something out of the lion king.

It generally takes a little time to get used to drawing characters I have never drawn before. I will usually go through the same process as I did when starting a new project with Walt Disney.

That is, practicing drawing each new character from as many angles and poses as possible until I become familiar with all the different aspects.

Then I decide on the most powerful, beautiful, funny or engaging pose and use the learned familiarity to shape my drawings. To watch a video of my night with the artist in Sydney to discover more insights into my inspirations, motivations, and background, Click here.

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