“That Feeling” – Embrace the Joy of Giving with Art (6 weeks till Christmas)

As the festive season approaches, our thoughts turn to the act of giving. But what makes a gift truly special? This Christmas, step beyond the conventional and consider the profound connection an art piece can evoke. At RDS.INK, we believe in gifts that aren’t just objects but are conduits of emotion, memory, and personal connection.

As the Christmas lights twinkle in the warm summer night and the familiar carols float through the air, our thoughts drift to those we hold dear. It’s the season of giving, a time when presents are wrapped with care, and anticipation fills the air. But amidst the colourful parade of gifts and the cheerful chaos of the holiday season, there lies a deeper yearning – the desire to find a present that touches the heart, that forms a bond, that carries with it a story, an emotion, a memory. This year, why not give a gift that whispers of passion, dances with creativity, and lasts a lifetime? 

Why not give the gift of art?

The Art of Emotion: Gifting a Masterpiece

In every culture, across all ages, art has held a mirror to our souls. It has been a vessel for human expression, a canvas for our collective histories, and a sanctuary for our most profound emotions. When you choose to give a piece of art for Christmas, you’re giving more than just a material item. You’re giving a fragment of humanity – a snapshot of joy, a brushstroke of sorrow, a line of unspoken understanding. This year, let’s turn to the warmth of local artistry, to the studios where artists pour their hearts into their creations, and select a gift that resonates with the spirit of the season.


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“That Feeling”: A Skateboarder’s Leap Captured Forever

At RDS.INK, nestled in the heart of creativity, an artwork named “That Feeling” awaits someone special. It’s a portrayal of a young skateboarder suspended in mid-air, the embodiment of freedom and the rush of wind against skin, of wheels against concrete, of youth and daring. This isn’t just an image; it’s a narrative of boundless zest captured in the timeless elegance of black and white. Each line, tells the story of a fleeting moment cvaptured. It captures the spirit of your brother, your sister, your daughter, your son and your best mate at a moment of pure jou and fun. Thats a memory worth holding on to.

The Local Touch: Why Community Art Matters

In a world swiftly moving towards the uniformity of mass production, choosing a hand-drawn piece from RDS.INK means embracing the unique. It’s about fostering local talent and acknowledging the profound impact that a community can have on the art it produces. “That Feeling” isn’t just drawn; it’s born from the local landscapes, the community spirit, and the artist’s personal experiences. It’s a slice of local life, offered up to be shared and cherished.


That Feeling

Dive into a realm of boundless enthusiasm and youthful adventure with 'That Feeling

The Emotional Journey of “That Feeling”

Imagine the moment your loved one unwraps “That Feeling.” Their eyes light up, not just at the beauty of the artwork but at the understanding of its significance – the shared laughter on sunlit afternoons, the echo of skateboards in empty parking lots, the freedom of being young and fearless. This Christmas, “That Feeling” is an invitation to relive those cherished moments and to create new memories.

Sustainability: A Gift That Lasts

In the era of fast consumerism, an artwork like “That Feeling” stands out as a sustainable choice. Unlike the temporary gadgets and gizmos that come and go with the seasons, a piece of art endures. It doesn’t contribute to the waste cycle – it’s a lasting testament to the enduring nature of human expression. When you gift “That Feeling,” you’re investing in a piece of permanence, a beacon of creativity that will stand the test of time.

Making “That Feeling” Yours

Securing “That Feeling” as your chosen Christmas gift is more than a transaction; it’s the beginning of a journey. Visit RDS.INK and witness the collection where “That Feeling” resides among other masterpieces. Selecting this piece is easy, but the decision carries weight – it’s a conscious choice to gift something of actual value that won’t fade as the years pass. And as you wrap this artwork, you’re not just packaging a gift – you’re preparing a parcel of passion, a bundle of artistic brilliance.

The Joy of Giving and Receiving

As Christmas morning dawns and “That Feeling” is unveiled, watch as the room illuminates with more than just festive lights. Watch as the joy of giving is mirrored by the joy of receiving – a shared moment, understanding, and love for something that transcends the ordinary. This is the magic of art. It bridges gaps, tells stories, and creates a bond between the giver and the receiver that is as deep as it is ineffable.

When the tinsel is packed away and the New Year beckons, the echoes of this Christmas will linger. “That Feeling” will hang as a monument to the holiday season, a reminder of the depth of thought you put into finding the perfect gift. It symbolises connection, a nod to the past, and a wink to the future. So this Christmas, give a gift that resonates, means more, feels more – give the gift of “That Feeling” from RDS.INK.

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