Endangered Animals

Welcome to the poignant and thought-provoking collection of black and white drawings featuring endangered animals brought to life by the talented artists at Danielle Latta Running Duck Studio. Through the striking simplicity of monochromatic art, we aim to raise awareness and spark meaningful conversations about the urgent need to protect these vulnerable species.


Forest Hugs

Dive into the heart of 'Forest Hugs', an evocative artwork that gently cradles the delicate relationship between the human spirit and the...


Sleepy Moments

Explore a world where serenity meets the boundless love between a mother and her child in "Sleepy Moments." This captivating piece, gorge...


Bundle Of Joy

"Bundle of Joy - One Adorable Baby Elephant" is a piece that beautifully captures the essence of youthful innocence and the sheer delight...


Baby On Board, Koalas

Baby On Board, Drawing of 2 Koalas" is a piece that beautifully capt...


Back Seat Driver, Koalas

This artwork comes with an external frame In this black and white illustration entitled "Back Seat Driver," The mother carries her pre...


I Cry-Endangered Tazzie Devil_

As I let my ink-laden brush glide across the canvas, the image of the Tasmanian Devil comes to life, an endearing and misunderstood creat...

As you explore the Endangered Animals Series, prepare to be moved by the powerful visual narrative our artists have created. The stark contrasts and intricate details of black and white drawings evoke a sense of urgency, compassion, and responsibility, urging viewers to consider the impact of their actions on the natural world.

Join us in championing the cause of endangered species through the breathtaking artistry of Danielle Latta’s black and white drawings. Engage in meaningful discussions about conservation, the environment, and our shared responsibility to protect these magnificent creatures. Let their captivating images serve as a constant reminder of the beauty and fragility of the world we inhabit.

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