Ink artwork of endangered Lion

A portion of each artwork sold from the endangered series will be donated to the corresponding wildlife fund in your name

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Please contact me with purchase inquiries

Not only will an Endangered wildlife purchase directly benefit the animal, but you will help build on the
awareness of the animals plight, the fundamental starting point to save a life.

Artwork comes unframed with mount board

Do You See Me-Endangered Tazzie Devil
ink artwork of a Tasmanian Devil crying out
I Cry-Endangered Tazzie Devil_
Fuzzy Baby Love-Endangered Tazzie Devil
painting of Australia's endangered Numbat sitting
I Wait-endangered Numbat
Fuzzy Baby Love-endangered Numbat
Familiar Moments--endangered Numbat
drawing of a lion and lioness embracing
My Queen-Endangered lions
ink art of an Elephant standing
Old Soul-endangered elephant
line drawing of endangered baby elephant
Into the Distance - Endangered Elephants
baby quoll drawing
painting of an Australian Quoll
Australian Wildlife artwork
Beautiful Spots - Endangered Quoll
Endangered wildlife Rhino artwork
Beautiful Beast 2 - Endangered Black Rhino
side view of endangered Black Rhino
Majestic Soul - Endangered Black Rhino
painting of an endangered Cassowary bird
Designed to Impress - Endangered Cassowary
Australian bird artwork of a Cassowary
Regal Elegance - Endangered Cassowary