Ink artwork of endangered Lion

A portion of each endangered animal artwork sold from the endangered series will be donated to the corresponding wildlife fund in your name

Free shipping on orders over $150**

Not only will an Endangered wildlife purchase directly benefit the animal, but you will help build on the
awareness of the animals plight, the fundamental starting point to save a life.

drawing of a lion and lioness embracing
My Queen - SOLD
black and white ink artwork of a Lion
ASLAN - lion
painting of a baby Tasmanian Devil
SALE - Fuzzy Baby Love - Tazzie devil
Painting of an elephant family damily
A Little Guidance - Elephant family
Painting of an African Lion
Look At Me - lion
SALE - Family Moments - Numbats
baby Elephant artwork
Smiley - baby Elephant
ink art of an Elephant standing
line drawing of endangered baby elephant
painting of an endangered Cassowary bird
Designed to Impress - Endangered Cassowary -SOLD
artwork of a baby Orangutans head
Beautiful Soul - SOLD
Endangered wildlife Rhino artwork
Beautiful Beast 2 - Endangered Black Rhino
painting of an Australian Quoll
Scallywag - Endangered Quoll - SOLD
ink artwork of a Tasmanian Devil crying out
SALE - I Cry - Tazzie Devil
drawing of Tasmanian Devil
SOLD - Do You See Me -Tazzie Devil - FIRE FUND *
side view of endangered Black Rhino
Majestic Soul - Endangered Black Rhino - SOLD
Australian Wildlife artwork, eastern quoll
Beautiful Spots - SOLD - FIRE FUND *
Drawing of an Endangered cassowary family
SOLD -Eeny-miny-and-moe FIRE FUND *
painting of Australia's endangered Numbat sitting
I Wait-Numbat SOLD
Australian bird artwork of a Cassowary
SOLD - Regal Elegance - Endangered Cassowary FIRE FUND *
drawing of Australian Cassowary's
This years Free Subscribers draw prize. Go to the About page for more info My Future - Endangered Cassowary
Artwork of Mary River Turtle
SOLD - Operation Bubbles -Endangered Mary River Turtle FIRE FUND *
baby quoll drawing
Fuzzy Baby Love - Quoll - SOLD
Asian elephant painting
Into the Distance - Endangered Elephants - SOLD

**Standard postage within Australia. Remote areas and International can be discussed Contact me.

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