Foxy Girl, one endeared little animal


Add a dash of charm to your collection with ‘Foxy Girl’, an exquisite black and white drawing capturing an endearing little fox—a testament to the mesmerising allure of nature.

Original Hand inked drawing on paper

Comes with slim black FRAME

Additional information

Dimensions 24 × 32 × 2 cm

‘Foxy Girl’ is more than just a black and white drawing; it’s a heartwarming invitation to embrace nature’s beauty, embodied in a little fox’s captivating charm. As the artist, I meticulously imbued this piece with an essence of enchantment that a fox brings, inviting onlookers to feel the joy this tiny creature exudes.

Whether you are entranced by the wild’s beauty or simply desire a charming piece of art to bring warmth into your space, ‘Foxy Girl’ is an ideal choice. Its allure lies not only in the fox’s captivating nature but also in the delicate touch of my hand, which breathed life into this character on paper.

If you would like more similar black-and-white drawings that capture the allure of nature, feel free to explore my collection. Remember to visit Running Duck Studio for an immersive journey through the creative process behind ‘Foxy Girl’Running Duck Studio.

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Here are some delightful facts about foxes, which you might find as endearing as ‘Foxy Girl’:

  1. Foxes can recognise each other’s voices, much like humans.
  2. They use the Earth’s magnetic field to hunt.
  3. Foxes have whiskers on their legs and face, which help them to navigate.
  4. The tip of a fox’s tail is called a ‘brush’.
  5. Red foxes are incredibly agile—they can jump fences over 2 meters high!

Foxy Girl, one endeared little animal

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