painting of a baby Tasmanian Devil

Fuzzy Baby Love - Tazzie Devil

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Baby Tasmanian devil

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Dimensions 22 × 17 cm

Baby Tasmanian Devil.

A small bundle of innocence, not a puppy, not a cat, but in need of as much love and care.

There are only 10% of Tasmanian devils left in the wild, 90% have vanished due to the deadly Devil Facial Tumour Disease (DFTD).

There is no cure. There is no vaccination.

A population of healthy, genetically diverse devils are being bred to be released in the wild in disease-free areas, more cancer-free devils helps their survival. FAME is a founding partner of Devil Ark in NSW’s Hunter Valley, where the largest mainland insurance population of endangered Tasmanian Devils has been established.

Comes WITH FRAME 17cm x 22cm

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