I am here for you.

I am Here for You unveils the mesmerizing bond of two Queensland owls. Discover the captivating world of these majestic creatures in this enlightening journey. Dive into art and nature’s magic.

In the quiet veil of night, where shadows dance and whispers roam, there exists a quaint charm that harkens back to the soothing cradle of nature. Among the nocturnal creatures that grace the dark, barn owls hold a special allure with their ghostly appearance and silent flight. Captured in a meticulous black and white drawing , two barn owls perch on a rustic tree stump, embodying the serene yet mysterious essence of rural nightscapes. Through the stark contrast of black and white, the essence of these ethereal night hunters is immortalised, evoking a sense of whimsy and nostalgia.

The Whisper of Wings in the Night

Barn owls, with their heart-shaped faces and silent wings, are the phantoms of the countryside. Their presence often felt more than seen. Their ethereal beauty and nocturnal nature have made them revered and feared in folklore, often seen as omens or bearers of ancient wisdom. This mystical aura mirrors the whimsical charm of rural life—a life that’s simple yet filled with countless tales carried by the wind across the fields. The tranquil nights in the countryside are a theatre of nature where barn owls play a silent yet significant role.


I'm Here For You - owl

'I am Here for You - 2 Love Owls' is a hand-drawn ink artwork that embodies the fascinating world of barn owls. This black and white draw...

Capturing Essence Over Form

Artistry lies in the ability to encapsulate the essence of the subject, and what better way to highlight the pure form and emotion than through black and white drawings? The featured image of barn owls is a testament to this. The streek of line brings movement and life into the artwork.The absence of colour paves the way for a deeper exploration of form, expression, and essence. It’s about seizing the emotion and the moment, translating the ethereal beauty of barn owls into a timeless piece of art.

Barn owls are more than just nocturnal beings; they are symbols of the quiet, mystical charm that farm life exudes. Through the lens of Danielle’s black-and-white artistry, the barn owl becomes a messenger from the rustic world, whispering tales of the tranquil countryside. It’s not just an image; it’s a narrative that resonates with the serene beauty of nature, evoking a sense of nostalgia and joy reminiscent of a simpler time.

The Emotional Resonance of Black-and-White Artistry

The absence of colour in RDS’s artwork invites viewers to delve deeper into the emotional essence of the subject. It’s a journey into a whimsical world. This unique style resonates with women aged 35-55 who value nature, seek unique gifts, and cherish a touch of nostalgia. It’s an invitation to reminisce, feel protected, and explore the emotional landscape encapsulated in the artwork. 

A Nod to Vintage Life

The Rustic Charm collection is where the barn owls find their perch. This collection is a celebration of the quaint and tranquil essence of rural and natural settings. Each piece is a window into a timeless realm where nature narrates tales of simplicity, beauty, and whimsy. Readers are invited to explore this collection to find a piece that resonates with their love for nature and the countryside, to find a piece that’s a nod to the vintage, a nod to the whimsical essence of rural life.

 Venture into the world of RDS, where each drawing is a gateway to the charming countryside, inviting you to explore, feel, and reminisce.

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