I am Here for You – 2 love owls


I am Here for You – 2 Love Owls’ shows two barn owls in ink. Their eyes and flight are beautiful. This art piece captures their love and care.

A black and white hand-drawn ink artwork of two Australian Barn Owls

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‘I am Here for You – 2 Love Owls’ is a hand-drawn ink artwork that embodies the fascinating world of barn owls. This black and white drawing features two owls, their bodies close, one shielding the other from the rain with its super soft feathers that facilitate their silent night hunts. In this simple act, the piece narrates a touching story of care, commitment, and love.

These two owls exude a soft fluffiness, their beautiful big eyes almost hypnotic. Their silent flight can be described as angelic, yet, they are hunters of the night. They spark a range of emotions in us, fear, fascination, and admiration, as they balance the delicate line between nature’s predatory ways and mesmerising beauty. As an artist, I derive joy from contributing to their survival, even when it means the occasional headless chook in the yard. It is the balance of nature, they were here first, of course.

Drawing owls is a personal passion, and I always have a piece available for your collection. If you don’t find any on the website, do send me a message. I may have some barn owl pieces in stock that are not yet listed on the site.

Barn owls are moderately common but often hard to spot due to their nocturnal nature. Known for their heart-shaped facial disc and sandy orange and light grey upperparts, these medium-sized birds exude an undeniable charm. If threatened, a barn owl crouches and spreads its wings in a defensive posture. Learn more about the mysterious lives of barn owls at The Owl Pages.

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Before you go, here are five fun facts about barn owls, the stars of ‘I am Here for You – 2 Love Owls’:

  1. Barn Owls don’t hoot, they emit a long, harsh screech.
  2. These birds can turn their heads almost 360 degrees!
  3. They swallow their prey whole—skin, bones, and all, and they later regurgitate the parts they can’t digest.
  4. Barn Owls have a keen sense of hearing, which helps them locate prey in complete darkness.
  5. Interestingly, a group of owls is often referred to as a parliament.

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I am Here for You – 2 love owls

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