I am Here for You - 2 love owls


A black and white hand-drawn ink artwork of two Australian Barn Owls

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I am Here for You is a hand-drawn ink artwork of 2 barn owls –

Comes with Mountboard

Barn Owl feathers are super soft – this helps them to hunt silently, but they are not very waterproof and get soaked if it rains. So here one owl shelters the other, care and commitment, I am here for you.

What is it about owls that have us so fascinated? Yes, their beautiful big eyes are almost mesmerising, their soft fluffiness is adorable and their silent flight angelic…..but they are killers of the night! Normally the thought of something killing silently in the night would be something of nightmares. Yet even when I find the occasional headless chook in the yard, I am half traumatised for my loss but yet happy at the thought that I have helped something so beautiful to feed and survive, I am here for you. They were here first of cause.

Owls are one of my favourites subjects to draw, so generally, I will always have one available for your collection. Should there be none available on the website at the time you visit, please feel free to message me.  Then I can let you know what other owls I may have in stock, that are not yet up on the site.

Barn Owls are moderately common but generally hard to see, as they are mostly active at night. During the day, the birds roost on concealed tree branches. They are the most widespread and familiar of the owls. Barn Owls are medium-sized birds (females slightly larger than males), with a ‘heart-shaped’ facial disc. They have sandy orange and light grey upperparts and white to cream underparts. Both the back and breast are evenly spotted with black. Birds often appear whiter than normal when illuminated in car headlights or torches. Young birds are similar to adults in plumage. When threatened, the Barn Owl crouches down and spreads its wings.more info on Barn Owls

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