Is there always a message in Art

To put it simply, YES. All art, even in its most straightforward creation, says something, has a message. Someone painting a dot on a wall and calling it art will have a message….even if “I just like things simple” to “I feel alone, isolated and struggling to find direction”.

Often artist being very visual people find it easier to speak through their art rather than verbalize. With art therapy, even non-artists can express feelings they may not realize.

You may not realize that you’re especially angry about something until you find yourself etching dark, spiralling tornado shapes into the side of your paper…If you look at the changes in an artist’s works over the years you may even be able to pinpoint the exact moment they experienced notable moments in their lives.

But messages and expression in art move even farther past personal lives. Creatives look at the world around them and want to know why, and how, it is the way it is. In this case, the messages that also show through can be deliberate and evident, like the socially critical works by the street artist Banksy


This Love with no Boundaries project is an obvious expression of my love for animals. But there is also a subtext statement of animal treatment and handling. You may have wondered why I have painted on wood. The raw and rough wood represents the crated animal for transportation and captivity. That animals are not just a product to be shipped but are something to be appreciative of and respected.

I first kept the timber completely raw like an actual crate but decided to do a light seal to the artwork and timber for longevity. Especially when my sample test run had the ink smudging with brush application. So, I used a matte spry fixative to keep some of the natural feel and brushed on matte sealer for the sides.

Second test artwork

Living in and on dairy country, it felt only right to do the moo. I have seen a lot of cow hugging over social media lately. Probably people craving contact with all the social distancing now. It’s great to see people appreciating the animals for not just what they can give us. the

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