Jewel of the Jungle – a colourful tiger drawing


Hand-inked Siberian Tiger drawing

Comes in a white frame. View in person at the Dayboro Art Gallery

Additional information

Dimensions 28 × 35 cm

Not just a tiger drawing

To bring life into the subject there is a sweep of line like the wind rustling the fur as it travels. A Glimmer of shine such is the healthy coat as the sun dances on its surface. A touch of metallic ink has been used for the shine effect. The video on the previous page is to show you the effect of the shine.

The Siberian Tiger is lighter in colour so here some flecks of gold ink sparkle can catch your eye.

The Siberian Tiger are also an ENDANGERED animal. This means that purchasing this artwork will also help the real tigers as a potion from all endangered animal artworks go to the corresponding animal preservation fund in your name.

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