Licensing Policy

At Running Duck Studio, we celebrate the uniqueness and creativity of each piece of art created by our artists. To protect the integrity and copyright of these works, we have established the following licensing policy:

Ownership and Copyright:

  • All artwork created and sold by Running Duck Studio is unique and remains the intellectual property of the artist. Copyright is retained by the artist at all times.
  • Purchasing an artwork does not transfer copyright or reproduction rights.

Licensing for Use:

  • Licensing for the use of our artwork is possible but only granted upon special request.
  • Any request for licensing must be made in writing to Running Duck Studio. Please contact us with details of your proposed use, and we will review your request in consultation with the artist.

Conditions for Licensing:

  • If granted, a license will specify the scope of use, duration, and any specific conditions agreed upon between Running Duck Studio, the artist, and the licensee.
  • Licensing agreements are tailored to each request and may involve licensing fees or other terms as agreed upon.

Unauthorized Use Prohibited:

  • Unauthorized reproduction, distribution, or commercial use of any artwork from Running Duck Studio is strictly prohibited. Legal action may be taken against any unauthorized use.

Contact and Inquiries:

  • For any inquiries regarding the licensing of artwork from Running Duck Studio, please reach out to us via [contact information]. We are committed to addressing your queries and facilitating any legitimate interest in the licensing of our artwork.

Thank you for respecting the rights of our artists and the originality of their work.

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