More then a Queen, and lover of horses


Original hand-inked illustration from the Ode to a Queen series

Comes with mount board(included in the size) ready for framing

Additional information

Dimensions 30 × 38 cm

Queen on a horse

So why did I do a drawing with Queen Elizabeth on a horse?

This sketch of the queen is part of a collection of artworks in honour of the queen’s life. Completed in the lead-up to  the queen’s funeral

Why did the queen love horses?
Horses and riding were an important part of her life from an early age, after the gift of Peggy, a Shetland pony, on her fourth birthday from her grandfather George V (the guardian)

Horse racing become Queen Elizabeth II’s favourite sport. “I enjoy breeding a horse that is faster than other people’s,” she said.

Whether it was cheering on her horses at Royal Ascot or other racecourses around the world or breeding her own, horse racing was in her blood. (Racenet)


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