More then a Queen, and lover of horses


Experience the regal majesty and profound love for horses through my exquisite black-and-white drawing of Queen Elizabeth. Embrace the elegance and grace as she rides on horseback, a symbol of her deep connection with these magnificent creatures.

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Dimensions 30 × 38 cm

As an artist, I was deeply inspired by Queen Elizabeth’s remarkable journey with horses. It is with great pride and admiration that I present my equestrian tribute to this iconic figure. Through my black-and-white drawing, I aim to capture the regal majesty and timeless elegance that embody her spirit.

From a young age, Queen Elizabeth developed a profound love for horses. It all began with the heartfelt gift of Peggy, a Shetland pony, on her fourth birthday from her beloved grandfather, George V. This early bond ignited a passion that would shape her life and reign.

Horse racing soon became Queen Elizabeth’s favorite sport. With a twinkle in her eye, she once shared, “I enjoy breeding a horse that is faster than other people’s.” Whether cheering on her horses at Royal Ascot or other prestigious racecourses around the world, or nurturing her own bloodlines, she exuded a true passion for the equine world.

With each stroke of my pen, I sought to capture the grace, poise, and regal presence that define Queen Elizabeth’s equestrian legacy. This drawing is my humble tribute to her unwavering dedication and remarkable impact on the world of horses.

Join me on a journey through my collection, where you’ll discover additional artworks inspired by Queen Elizabeth’s extraordinary life and reign. Each piece encapsulates the regal majesty and timeless elegance that emanate from her persona. It is a celebration of her deep connection with horses and the enduring legacy she has created.

As you explore, I invite you to discover another artwork featuring Queen Elizabeth II and her beloved horse here. It is a testament to her profound bond with these magnificent creatures.

More then a Queen, and lover of horses

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