drawing of a lion and lioness embracing

My Queen


Lion and Lioness showing their human side

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Lion and Lioness showing their human side

The emotional connection, snuggling closer while the queen holds her regale stature. Mimicking mankind’s struggle between the sexes, the supposed soft woman standing strong, holding the family together. While the male, one normally of strength and dominance explores a moment of soft tenderness.

Comes with mount board 40cm x 32cm

Western and Central Africa

These lions are the most threatened on the planet. I mentioned above that lions are possibly extinct in 7 additional countries. All of these countries are in Western and Central Africa. This is because lion populations in this region have declined two-thirds in the last 20 years.

Only one substantial population remains in all of Western and Central Africa, which is on the border of Burkina Faso and Benin (it’s okay if you have to look at an atlas). This population might have as many as 200 lions, but all other West and Central African populations have fewer than 20 individual lions.

Are Lions Endangered? It’s Complicated.

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