A Lady, lashes long, stance elegant. A veil, eyes hidden, a subtle mask shared with the world. Ink sketch of an Australian Greater Sooty ...


I'm Here For You - owl

'I am Here for You - 2 Love Owls' is a hand-drawn ink artwork that embodies the fascinating world of barn owls. This black and white draw...


Colours In The Night

In the hushed stillness of my studio, as the world outside succumbed to twilight, 'Colours in the Night' emerged on my canvas, featuring ...


Silent Wings

A beautiful Barn Owl and Butterfly encounter. Completely opposite in nature but for their beauty and silence of flight. Inspired by th...


Thank You owl

This artwork was inspired by one of Mel Popes' rescued owls. Developing such a deep connection with the wildlife in her care resonates...


I See You - owl

Rescued wildlife I See You was created using old school ink pen and brush. The sweep of line congers the feeling of desperation and mo...


Drawing of a flying owl in black and white

Experience the allure of the silent night with my stunning black and white drawing of a beautiful owl in flight. The owl, a symbol of wis...


Gentle Winds, beautiful owl

Mystery and Elegance Enigmatic and elegant in appearance, they are mesmerizing. Their large, round eyes, sharp beaks,...


Hello, fellow art enthusiasts! Allow me to introduce you to 'Gone With the Wind, girl and horse,' a Girl and Horse Ink Drawing that's mor...


Do You See Me-Endangered Tazzie Devil

Look into my eyes, do you really see me?

All proceeds go to the Wildlife emergency fund


I Need A Drink - Barking Owl

Barking Owl - bird

Dry winds, scarce pickings and the smell of smoke in the air. At the forefront of harshening conditions, the...


Old Soul-endangered elephant

Old Soul (elephant). The swirling winds of movement, scribbled black lines of age with a slight touch of silver ink to symbolize a reg...


Trusting Friendships

Whether it's the owl's mystery or magic, beauty or cuteness, no one can deny their presence.

"The proportions of their heads re...


Ball of Love

Koala sharing the love of a mother There is something about a koala huddle that make me feel warm and safe. The circle, the fluff and ...
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