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Launch day Celebrations are NOV 28th and JAN 30

Over the last seven months, I have been putting together a major project. One that changes everything. In the Running Duck Studio world, at least. 😊 I have gone through the agonizingly long process of getting a grant and created something extra special for my part of the world that I would love to share with you.

With the support of the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland, I have created Tawny Trails, The Creative Living Experience. An all-indulgent road trip, weekend away, or day out that shares the culture of creative living.

Not your average art trail; this one is accessible year-round and mixes the beauty of nature and the magic of creativity into an art and lifestyle trail.


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Tawny Trails is a crafted journey that takes you through the heart of the creative Moreton Bay Hinterland: Woodford, Mt Mee, Ocean View, Dayboro, Clear Mountain and Samford.

The idea is to experience life through the eyes of artists. Enjoy the mountain views, squeeze modelling clay, hear the birds, taste wine, throw some paint, smell the clean air, stroke the neck of a horse, view award-winning artworks, feel the calm after yoga, ponder the masters of creativity, sleep in a luxurious mountain getaway, the choices are fantastic!

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Each location has been hand-picked to express different elements for this creative journey with no place alike. On launch day, there will be something extra special to enjoy. From discounts, deals, free gifts and prize draws to live demonstrations and rare exhibits. Visit for more launch day details and some great creative living insights.

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As a result, Running Duck Studios’ mobile gallery will be nestled in a cozy spot to be enjoyed through the trail for the near future. So, no more markets or festivals at the moment. However, this also means that not only will I be open monthly for the Tawny Trails but also by appointment any day of the week 😊 so got some guests to entertain, we will have a variation of the trail for each day of the week(coming soon)

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