The Yin to my Yang is a fantastical world

The Yin to my Yang is a fantastical world

FANTASY STORY WRITING: The Valley Unknown – Inspirational thoughts, pre story:

The Valley Unknown is a split in time between the present and the future. The inhabitants of the Valley where created and projected from the minds of the future in an attempt to prevent the self destruction that has unfolded on many worlds before. It was decided that mankind has not evolved far enough yet to be entrusted with the Santra’s. However, every now and then a child is born with the glimmer of a Santra, a hint of what is to come.

The Guardians are the noble masters of the Santra’s.

The Santra’s are the Gifts, the powers resulting from the total utilization of a minds capabilities.

This is Veronica of the Valley, the initial character and starting ground for this story:

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