Trusting Friendships, Girls and their love of owls


Hand-drawn original ink artwork of a girl and owl. Price and dimensions include frame.

Frame option a slim black or white,  or leave to artists discretion.

28cm x 30cm

NO FRAME  for shipping outside of Australia

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Whether it’s the owl’s mystery or magic, beauty or cuteness, no one can deny their presence.

“The proportions of their heads remind us of babies, so does their wide-eyed look. We also love the call that they make and that it is one we can easily replicate. We’re intrigued by how far they can rotate their heads and have likely tried to see if we could do the same. And how much fun is it to suddenly come upon an owl sitting still in a tree above us for all to see when we least expected to?”- (Zena-Narod)

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