Unwrap Creativity Christmas 2023 Gift Ideas from Running Duck Studio

Christmas is a season filled with joy, love, and the timeless tradition of gifting. Finding that perfect gift, one that is both unique and heartfelt adds a special touch to the celebrations. Running Duck Studio emerges as a treasure trove of such gifts, especially for those who share a love for animals and nature.

With a collection that ranges from sophisticated black-and-white drawings to vibrant digital art, every piece tells a story.

The Timeless Drawings – Creativity Christmas

In a world where colour is the norm, black and white drawings from Running Duck Studio offer a soothing retreat to simplicity. The lack of colour isn’t a lack of expression but a bold statement of elegance and a focus on the essence rather than the facade. Explore the black and white drawings that are hand-inked to perfection, embodying a sense of timelessness, sophistication, and a pure emotional connection with the subjects depicted

Black and white drawing of a Wedge Tailed Eagle

Gifts that Tell a Story

Every artwork is a narrative, a captured essence of a moment, emotion, or a memory. At Running Duck Studio, each collection carries its unique tale, embodying various facets of life, nature, and our shared experiences.

  • Vintage Life: This collection is a beautiful voyage back in time. The drawings here evoke a sense of nostalgia, reminiscent of simpler, serene times. Each piece is a doorway to the past, allowing you to relive the cherished moments of yore. When gifting a piece from the Vintage Life collection, you’re gifting a slice of history, a touch of nostalgia that warms the heart.
  • Covid Life Artworks: The contemporary reflections in this collection encapsulate the shared global experience during a period of uncertainty and change. The artworks are a blend of resilience, hope, and the newfound appreciation for the little joys of life. Gifting a piece from this collection is like sharing a message of hope and the indomitable spirit of humanity.
  • Endangered Series: The heart-tugging drawings in the Endangered Series spotlight the beauty and vulnerability of the world’s endangered animals. Each artwork is a call to awareness and a tribute to the majestic creatures we share our planet with. Gifting an artwork from this collection is not only a gesture of love but also a message of awareness and the importance of co-existence.

Each of these collections offers more than just a visual appeal; they offer a narrative, a discourse, and a connection. When you gift a piece from any of these collections, you are sharing a story, a perspective, and a moment captured in time that resonates deeply with the heart. It’s not just a gift; it’s an experience, a conversation, and a cherished memory waiting to be unfolded.

Gifts for Every Budget

Art is often perceived as a luxury, but at Running Duck Studio, there’s a piece for every budget. Whether you are looking for a modestly priced print or a more premium original artwork, the studio accommodates every pocket. Each piece, regardless of price, carries the heart and soul of the artist, making it a priceless gift for your loved ones.

Making a Difference with Your Purchase

When you purchase a piece of art from Running Duck Studio, you are not only gifting a unique artwork but also supporting a local artist and the philosophy of expressing love and connection with animals and nature. Learn more about the studio’s philosophy and how your purchase contributes to a larger cause.

Black and white drawing of an owl

Running Duck Studio offers a sanctuary of creativity and emotional resonance through its diverse range of artworks. 

This Christmas, as the bells jingle and the carols echo, make your gift a memorable one with a piece from Running Duck Studio. 

Whether it’s the timeless appeal of a black and white drawing, the modern touch of digital art, or the tangible charm of functional art, there’s something for everyone.

The joy of gifting is unparalleled, especially when the gift holds a story, a character, and a heartbeat. Dive into the collections of Running Duck Studio and find that perfect piece of art that speaks to you and will mean the world to someone special.

Make your Christmas 2023 gifting thoughtful, unique, and full of heart.

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